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Honduran President Fires Security Minister Following Tragic Women's Prison Incident


Honduran President Xiomara Castro has taken swift action following a tragic incident at a women's prison that claimed the lives of at least 41 people. Castro fired the country's security minister, Ramón Sabillón, as she linked the violence to gangs and criticized the "acquiescence of security authorities." In her determination to regain control of the prison system, Castro appointed Gustavo Sanchez, the director of the Honduras National Police, as the new minister of security.

The deadly riot and fire broke out at the National Women's Penitentiary for Social Adaptation in Tamara, located northwest of the capital, Tegucigalpa. Honduran authorities are investigating the incident, and the death toll may rise as forensic teams work to identify the victims. Most of the bodies were burned beyond recognition, making identification a challenging task.

President Castro expressed her resolve to take drastic measures and hold those responsible accountable. She believes the riot was instigated by street gangs with the knowledge and acquiescence of security authorities. Delma Ordonez, head of an association representing inmates' families, stated that one gang had set fire to a rival gang's cell, resulting in significant damage to the prison facility.

The harrowing images and videos circulating on social media depict the aftermath of the incident, including stacked corpses and a massive cloud of smoke. The riot revealed the presence of weapons such as pistols and machetes inside the prison.

Honduras has a troubled history when it comes to prison safety. Similar incidents in the past, such as the prison fire in 2012 that claimed over 350 lives and the 2004 fire that killed at least 103 inmates, serve as reminders of the urgent need for comprehensive reforms to ensure the safety and security of prisoners.

Vice Minister of Security Julissa Villanueva emphasized that the government will not back down in its efforts to crack down on illegal activities within the prison system. With gangs wielding extensive control inside the prisons, there is a possibility that the riot was a retaliatory response to the government's campaign.

As investigations into this devastating incident continue, President Castro's actions highlight her commitment to addressing the challenges within the prison system and restoring order. The government's determination to bring about meaningful change and prevent future tragedies will be closely watched as the nation seeks justice and seeks to improve the well-being of its incarcerated population.

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