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United States Vetoes U.N. Cease-Fire Resolution in Gaza Conflict


The United States vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution which aimed to establish an immediate cease-fire in the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza. The resolution, backed by Arab nations and supported by a majority of Security Council members, faced strong opposition from the U.S., citing concerns about its potential impact on negotiations for the release of hostages held in Israel.

This marks the third time the U.S. has used its veto power to block a resolution calling for a cease-fire in Gaza, highlighting its steadfast support for Israel amid growing international pressure. The vote in the Security Council saw 13 members in favor of the resolution, with the United Kingdom abstaining.

Algeria's U.N. ambassador condemned the U.S. veto, stating that it implies an endorsement of the violence inflicted upon Palestinians. Meanwhile, U.S. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield defended the decision, expressing the need for a resolution that would support ongoing negotiations for a temporary humanitarian cease-fire linked to the release of hostages.

The proposed U.S. resolution marks a departure from previous stances, as it includes the term "cease-fire" and emphasizes the release of hostages as a condition for the temporary halt in hostilities. However, its potential adoption remains uncertain, with Russia and China expected to challenge it.

The situation in Gaza continues to deteriorate, with reports of increasing civilian casualties and urgent humanitarian needs. Aid organizations have criticized the U.S. for obstructing efforts to achieve a cease-fire, emphasizing the critical importance of immediate assistance for the suffering population.

Despite diplomatic efforts, the conflict shows no signs of abating, with Israel's military ordering evacuations in Gaza City amid ongoing violence. The World Food Program has suspended deliveries in certain areas due to safety concerns, highlighting the dire humanitarian situation faced by Gaza's population.

The U.S. veto has sparked widespread condemnation, with critics accusing Washington of prioritizing political interests over humanitarian concerns. As the conflict persists, calls for an end to the fighting and increased humanitarian support for Gaza continue to grow louder on the international stage.

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