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Tragedy Strikes: Migrant Smuggling Ship Sinks Off Greece


In a heart-wrenching incident, a migrant smuggling ship sank off the coast of Greece, leaving more than 500 people missing. Nine suspects, all Egyptians, were held in pretrial custody, facing charges of participation in a criminal organization, manslaughter, and causing a shipwreck. Only 104 people survived, and the bodies of 82 victims have been recovered so far.

Survivors have described harrowing conditions during the ill-fated journey. Around 750 people paid thousands of dollars each to board the battered blue fishing trawler, hoping for a better life in Europe. Most were denied food and water, and those unable to bribe the crew were beaten if they tried to reach the deck.

The sinking occurred in calm seas, and it seems the ship capsized and sank within minutes, trapping women and children in the hold. The survivors' testimonies revealed that a tow line was attached to the trawler by a Greek ship, contradicting the Greek coast guard's claims that no tow rope was used.

The suspects, while in court, denied the charges and claimed to be migrants themselves. However, the court rejected the argument that Greek courts lacked jurisdiction due to the incident occurring in international waters.

The tragic incident highlights the perils faced by migrants seeking refuge in Europe and raises questions about the responsibility of nations and organizations in offering aid. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen acknowledged the urgency of the situation and emphasized the need to act.

As the search for survivors continues, it is a somber reminder of the desperate situation many migrants face, seeking a safer and better future. The incident calls for a collective effort to address the underlying causes and offer humanitarian assistance to those in need.

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