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Plenty Unveils State-of-the-Art Indoor Farm in Compton


In a significant stride in the realm of sustainable agriculture, Plenty has officially opened the Plenty Compton Farm, positioned as the West Coast's sole commercial-scale vertical farm. Situated in Compton, California, this state-of-the-art indoor vertical farm boasts a cutting-edge design facilitating the annual production of up to 4.5 million pounds of leafy greens within a single city block.

Plenty, a pioneer in indoor farming, utilizes a unique 3D vertical architecture that stands as a key factor behind its impressive yield, reaching up to 350 times the output per acre compared to traditional farms. The farm's establishment marks the fruition of nearly a decade of research and development by Plenty, culminating in what CEO Arama Kukutai describes as a scalable platform for indoor farming. Kukutai highlights the farm's potential to provide a consistent, year-round supply of fresh produce with economically favorable unit dynamics, emphasizing the significance of this advancement for the global food supply.

Distinguishing itself from conventional greenhouses and "vertical" farms operating on flat planes, Plenty's innovation resides in its 3D growth approach, employing vertical towers that extend almost two stories high. This distinctive architecture enhances efficiency, enabling increased produce yields in less space while facilitating full automation throughout the growth cycle—from planting to harvest. Such advancements contribute to the reduction of production costs, aligning with Plenty's commitment to making affordable produce accessible across diverse communities.

Mayor Emma Sharif of Compton lauds the project, citing its role in reintroducing field-scale farming to the community. Over 30% of the farm's workforce hails from Compton, presenting job opportunities and cultivating interest in agriculture careers. Sharif sees the Plenty Compton Farm as a model for enhancing access to fresh, locally grown food in urban settings and supporting economic development in cities.

Plenty's approach to indoor farming addresses future challenges in the agricultural landscape. With an anticipated 50% surge in food demand by 2050 and a concurrent threat of soil degradation, Plenty's method proves resilient. By utilizing minimal land and water compared to conventional farming, the Plenty Compton Farm aims to save millions of gallons of water annually. Secretary Karen Ross of the California Department of Food and Agriculture applauds this innovative farming model, emphasizing its role in building climate-resilient food systems.

The initial produce offerings from the farm include four varieties of leafy greens: Baby Arugula, Baby Kale, Crispy Lettuce, and Curly Baby Spinach. Notably, the spinach, released as Plenty's newest product, is among the world's few vertically grown, pesticide-free spinach varieties. The meticulous development process involved designing a new filtration system and analyzing vast data inputs to create a spinach environment with a distinct sweet flavor and unique crunch.

Plenty's pesticide-free leafy greens are currently available at Bristol Farms, select Whole Foods Market stores in Northern California, local grocers in Compton, and as a featured ingredient on Singapore Airlines flights departing from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Additionally, a collaboration with Walmart has introduced a new brand for indoor-grown, pesticide-free produce supplied by Plenty in Southern California Walmart stores. Plans for expanding Plenty's retail presence throughout California and beyond are set to unfold in the coming summer months. For updated availability, interested consumers can refer to the store locator on Plenty's official website.

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