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MSU Students Rally Against Gun Violence at State Capitol


Michigan State University students, along with activists and speakers, gathered at the state Capitol to rally against gun violence, marking the one-year anniversary of a campus shooting that claimed three lives and injured five others.

Speaker Maya Manuel, once a student and now active in student activism groups, including Sit Down MSU, Students Demand Action at MSU, and End Gun Violence Now, delivered an emotional address, urging legislators to prioritize safer gun laws. She criticized those who opposed recent gun sense legislation, stating they "do not deserve a seat."

Saylor Reinders, a junior at MSU and co-leader of the campus chapter of Students Demand Action, praised Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and supportive legislators for enacting four gun violence prevention laws last year. However, she emphasized the ongoing need for more action, citing the daily toll of approximately 120 Americans dying from gun violence.

Reinders called for continued advocacy to prevent future tragedies, highlighting the pervasive nature of gun violence and its impact on daily life. She urged Michigan legislators to push for further regulation, emphasizing the need to address the root causes of violence in communities.

Former MSU student body President Jo Kovach, joined by current President Emily Hoyumpa, emphasized the work that remains to be done, noting that an average of 1,382 Michiganders are killed by firearms each year. Kovach highlighted the need for stricter laws and increased funding for social services to prevent violence.

Throughout the rally, speakers reflected on the lives lost in the campus shooting and expressed their determination to push for change. Despite the ongoing grief, there were moments of hope for the future and gratitude for those supporting the cause.

In closing, Manuel expressed gratitude for the support and emphasized the importance of continuing the fight against gun violence. She noted that while progress has been made, there is still much work to be done to ensure a safer future for all.


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