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Harvard Associate Receives Shocking News as Former Employee Indicted for Organ and Body Part Theft


Jack Porter, an associate of Harvard's Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, received a distressing letter from Harvard on Wednesday, suggesting that his late wife Raya's remains may have been impacted in a body part trafficking operation. The shocking news coincided with the indictment of a former Harvard Medical School employee, Cedric Lodge, who was charged with stealing and selling organs and body parts before they were meant to be cremated. In total, seven individuals were named as participants in the illegal operation.

Harvard has been cooperating with federal authorities and investigating its records to determine which donors may have been affected. Unfortunately, they could not rule out the possibility that Raya Porter's remains might have been impacted. As more information emerges, the university will keep in touch with the affected families.

Jack Porter was shocked by the news, recalling that he received his wife's cremated remains in February 2019 and had distributed them respectfully. Harvard had handled the donation appropriately and covered the funeral costs. However, Porter is now concerned that security protocols may not have been strictly followed.

He revealed that most families are deeply distressed by the situation, and he might be among the few who have agreed to interviews. Despite his shock, Porter doesn't hold hatred for Mr. Lodge, expressing pity for him instead. He shared that several factors are helping him cope, including the fact that his wife passed away six years ago and that he is a sociologist, trying to understand the mindset of those involved.

Raya Porter, a talented gynecologist in her native Ukraine, had donated her body to Harvard Medical School to further scientific and medical training for future doctors. Unfortunately, her generous decision has left her husband and other bereaved family members with many unanswered questions. The federal investigation into the body part trafficking ring is ongoing, and Porter and others affected hope that some of the missing parts can be recovered.

Jack Porter's wife, Raya, passed away in 2017 after battling colon cancer that had spread to her liver. Her body was in Harvard's possession for about a year and three months, which coincides with the period when Lodge allegedly started the operation.

Harvard terminated Lodge's employment in March 2022 after the federal investigation came to light. Lodge had been working at the university since 1995, and his responsibilities included handling anatomical donors' bodies and coordinating embalming and storage.

As the investigation continues, the affected families are left to grapple with the horrifying consequences of this illegal operation, hoping that justice will be served and some closure can be found.

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